Presenting: Microsoft Access, some of our developments in the past 10 years

Aernoud Florijn (Florijn OfficeProfs)

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One of the most asked questions we get about Microsoft Access is: will Microsoft continue to support the software in future?
We have approximately 20 developers that work via us and we think that Microsoft Access is alive and kicking!
Let me demonstrate this by showing you some of the work done by our Microsoft Office Development Professionals in the past 10 years.

Aernoud's PowerPoint presentation (.pdf)

About Aernoud Florijn

Aernoud started his career in developing databases in all the jobs he got in his twenties and thirties.
He started with DataPerfect but in the early zero's he switched to Microsoft Access.

During the first 10 years he worked as a freelance software developer.
In the last 10 years he formed a group of around 25 Microsoft Office specialist which includes the top of the Dutch Microsoft Access Development Professionals.

His company Florijn OfficeProfs is a one-stop-shop for companies looking for Microsoft Office Development Professionals.
Aernoud is 53 years old and has lived in Amsterdam for the past 33 years.