NADD 2018 recap

Netherlands Access Developer Day 2018 - a recap

The first Netherlands Access Developer Day on 10 October 2018 was a big succes!

The day was sponsored by Microsoft, Florijn OfficeProfs and MetaMicro.

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Armen opened the day by staying up late. He spoke to us about Great Database Design from Seattle by videolink.

It was nice to have this kind of interaction with Armen and his presentation was really excellent!

The presentation

Michal's presentation taught us about charts and the integration in Access, forms and reports.

The presentation

Aernoud showed some of the work done by his Microsoft Office Development Professionals in the past 10 years. Thereby demonstrating how alive and kicking Microsoft Access is.

The presentation

Rob showed us the advantages of using Access in combination with PowerApps and Flow.

The presentation

Ynte Jan kept us fascinated with his web service integration and JSON explanation!

The presentation

Tom van Stiphout got up early (he lives in Phoenix Arizona) and showed us by videolink how to improve database constraints and how to make an Access front-end independent of the back-end database technology.

Daniel Polak showed enhanced Word merge and synchronisation of a web page with information displayed in Access.

The presentation

An impression