Presentation: A pragmatic approach to automatic testing in Access and VBA

Speaker: Philipp Stiefel


Most developers will already know about Unit Testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), and Integration Testing. While these techniques have become very common in all sorts of software development projects, they are still hardly used by Access developers.

Automatic testing is an invaluable skill for every developer, even in Microsoft Access!

I will tell you why and how to learn it. This will include…

- Why I test automatically
- A short introduction to the terminology and techniques,
- The raw essence of automatic testing,
- What to test and what not to test,
- The most basic way of automatic testing in Access/VBA (no tools),
- Tools/Frameworks and why to use them
- TDD or no TDD?

About Philipp Stiefel

Philipp has been working professionally with Access for 20 years now. He and his team work on long term Access projects were he currently focusses on improving software quality in complex and large applications. He is the creator of Ivercy, a source code control add-in for Access, and has a website about Access and related topics.

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